Makeup News: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette + Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills has finally released official photos of the brand new Subculture palette. The palette is part of their Fall 2017 collection and is set to release on July 25, 2017. Photos of this palette were leaked on Reddit about two months ago, and set the internet on fire! Apparently a friend of an ABH employee stole her prototype and leaked the photos. 

I’m glad ABH has made their press release, on their own terms, in the form of an instagram post. The brand stated that their instagram account, created in 2012, has always been a place for makeup lovers to come together and celebrate the subculture that is beauty. They created this palette with that subculture of beauty junkies in mind. It has been rumoured for months that the brand was creating a “sister palette” to the amazingly popular Modern Renaissance palette, which took the beauty community by storm last summer. 

I couldn’t even get my hands on the palette until September! It was sold out everywhere! That was my first experience with an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, and I was blown away. I still am. The quality of the shadows are just incredible! At the time of release, the ultra-romantic cranberry and burnt orange hues of the palette were fresh and original. It made red eyeshadow accessible to the mainstream beauty community! Now, these warm tones are saturating the market, with every brand having their own version!

Subculture is said to be the more dramatic sister of Modern Renaissance. Subculture is the night to Modern Renaissance’s day. On the outside, the palette looks similar to it’s sister, but is housed in marine-coloured velvet packaging, embossed with gold. Inside, the shades are so refreshing from all of the other palettes we are seeing right now. Teals, electric golds, navy and plum. It is the ideal of a subculture to break away from the norms of the mainstream, and this palette does that in a stunning way! Part of the beauty of Modern Renaissance is how cohesive the colour palette is. With Subculture, the surprising colour combinations stay true to the theme of the palette, co-ordinating in a captivatingly unexpected way.

To be honest, the warm tones are my comfort zone. The shades in Subculture are not colours I would have reached for before seeing this palette. It is edgy and rich, perfect for fall. I think we will be seeing a huge shift in the beauty market after it’s release. I think I will purchase this just because I know how amazing ABH quality is! If Modern Renaissance could get me to feel like red eyeshadow was my go-to daytime look, I think I’ll be wearing teals in no time! 

There has been no statement on the price of the product, but I’m guessing it will ring in at the same price as the Modern Renaissance, at $55 CAD. It includes the following 14 shades: 

*photo from Instagram. Original Source unknown – this may be from the reddit leak*

Cube: Light pink with a violet reflect
Dawn: A pale yellowed-peach cream
Destiny: Matte army green
Adorn: Shimmering Bronze
All Star: Matte oxblood
Mercury: Matte grey taupe 
Axis: Deep matte teal 
Roxy: Matte blush pink 
Electric: Stunning shimmery yellow-gold (duo-chrome)
Fudge: Matte milk-chocolatey brown
New Wave: Matte tangerine
Untamed: A matte sea-green
Edge: Matte mustard yellow 
Rowdy: Deep plum matte

Aren’t these shades gorgeous?

What do you think of the Subculture palette? Do you think you’ll pick it up?


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