Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara #RevlonXLashes

I received the new Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara complementary from Influenster to test and review. It came in a standard Influenster style box, covered with the Revlon logo. This mascara comes in 4 shades – black, blackest black, blackened brown, and plum brown. I received the shade 803 “Blackened Brown”.

This mascara is advertised to provide extreme volume and length, from their 360º fibre tube formula, that gives flake-free, smudge-proof all-day wear. The formula is a really unique aspect of this mascara since it is a “tubing” mascara. This means that the formula coats each lash with a sheath (or tube) of product, fully encasing it. When these tubes have been saturated with warm water, they will completely slide off the lashes, for easy removal. I was really excited when I found out that this was a tubing mascara, because I used to love the Blinc Mascara, which I would attribute to having the original lash-tubing formula. This is the first tubing mascara that I have come across from a drugstore brand. Due to the tubing technology, the formula of this mascara is on the wet, liquidy side, as opposed to drier, pasty mascara formulas. It is water resistant, so it holds up well in the summer heat and humidity. What I love about this mascara is that if you wear it to the beach or the pool, you’ll be able to slide it off in the water with no fuss. Side note: I wore my favourite Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara surfing in the Pacific Ocean and ended up looking like a member of KISS for 90 minutes. It was a disaster, and would not come off no matter how hard I rubbed… embarrassing!! You can see why the tubing formula would have been a plus.

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The Mega Multiplier brush is stiff and cone-shaped, with bristles that narrow in width as they approach the tip of the wand. To be honest, this is not my favourite type of mascara wand shape. I find the asymmetrical wands always make one eye look awesome and the other eye… not so great. I’m right handed, so when I have to apply mascara to my left eye, the asymmetrical brush is reversed and it doesn’t spread them out the way I’d like. I think I would have preferred this mascara with a different brush. Perhaps an hourglass-shaped brush (think Better than Sex), or something a tad fluffier.

So, how did it look? 

Did it live up to the claims? 
I thought it did a really good job of separating the lashes and providing length. As for the volume, for me it was lacking. Once the initial coat gets applied, I found it really hard to layer on top. You have to make sure to apply the next coat before the formula has dried, otherwise it becomes stiff and hard to comb through. I typically apply 2 coats of mascara with my usual brands, but I found I had to apply at least 4 coats of this to get results that I would deem wearable. This would be more of an everyday mascara for me – on days I want a no makeup look. I prefer volumizing mascaras for huge lashes that give the look of falsies.
I thought the formula wore well. It was comfortable, did not irritate my eyes, and did not flake or crumble throughout the day. I LOVE how easy it is to take off. The tubes slide right off your lashes with some warm water. You will feel when they are ready to come off because the texture changes – they feel a tad slimy when they’re good to go!
Final thoughts:
I really enjoyed the formula. I liked the way it felt on the lashes, it was lightweight, did not crumble, and I loved the tubing aspect. The results were not what i was expecting. It did a great job lengthening, but I was underwhelmed by the volume. It also didn’t do much to hold a curl, either. I will continue to use this mascara for daytime looks, when I want a light makeup day. However, I don’t think I would repurchase this mascara. I think if they changed the brush to one that would allow more product deposit for increased volume, I would really enjoy that product! When I started this blog, and my Instagram, my intention was to do mascara swatches, I hope to do more of these from now on!
Have you tried this mascara? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

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