Bite Lip Lab Toronto – Experience and Review

Last month I went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Queen Street W in Toronto to create my own lipstick shades. The experience was a Christmas gift from my Sister-in-Law, and I was so excited to go! Bite is a Toronto-based (and founded) brand that that creates lipsticks made with entirely food-grade ingredients. Good products that are also good for you!
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We went for the Bespoke Service, which includes 2 fully customized lipsticks and a gift set of lip care essentials, priced at $150. They also offer a Custom Service, where you can select a pre-existing shade and customize it with your favourite finish and scent. The custom service is priced at $55 for 1 lipstick, or $80 for two. The Lip Lab also stocks their entire collection, so you can shop your favourites while you’re there.


Heres how it works:
1. Create your unique shade
2. Choose your finish (sheer, luminous, cuvée, or matte)
3. Choose your scent
Then take home your dream lipstick that is exclusively yours!

The experience began by prepping our lips by exfoliating with the Whipped Cherry Sugar Scrub and then applying the nourishing Agave Mask. Our Lip Lab Artist was Anthony, and he was wonderful! He asked us what type of shades we were looking for. I described my dream shades as “something between brick and burnt orange with a bronze shimmer” and “something in between plum and berry that was deep but still vibrant”. He tackled the task with confidence and ease!

Anthony dipped into jars of pigment and mixed them on a translucent sheet, carefully noting the ratios of each component. He absolutely nailed the first shade on the first try. I went with their cuvée finish that is used in the Amuse Bouche lipsticks. I absolutely love the way it turned out with the hint of shimmer! I added a Citrus Coconut scent to this shade and named it Wink (top left in photo below).

The second shade took a few more tries. I loved the shade he originally mixed, but I felt it was something I owned already, or could easily find (top right corner in photo above). It was more pink than I had in my head, so we tried again. This time, I asked if we could add in the Bite Opal shimmer pigment for fun. Since Opal has a white base and a blue shift, it turned the shade lighter and more cool-toned than I had wanted, but still a wicked lipstick (bottom right in photo above)! On the third try, he added in a deep purple, almost black pigment, and it came out perfect (bottom left in photo above)! I wanted this shade to be in a sheer finish, but after trying it on, I found the pigment slipped around too much for my liking. We decided to make this shade in a custom mix of their luminous and cuvée finishes. I decided to add a Cherry Wildberry scent and name it Midnight.

After the shades, finishes, and scents were decided, Anthony went to their lab in the back to mix a batch of each lipstick by adding in the ratios from the mixing sheet. He then melted down the pigment and put it into a mixing machine so that the lipstick would be perfectly even. Next came the coolest part, pouring the lipsticks into the mould. They place the metal moulds on a cold plate to solidify the mixture. After a few minutes, once the product had settled, he finished our lipsticks by assembling them into the tube.

The Bespoke service includes a couple extras that are not included in the custom service. For the truly tailored experience, they will engrave the lid of your lipstick. I chose to name my lipsticks after my blog, so I got Midnight and Wink on the caps. You can also add your name, initials, a special date, or something else meaningful to you! You also receive a lip care kit to take home, which includes the Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub, a mini Agave Lip Mask, and a mini Line & Define Lip Primer.

Thinking of going to the Bite Lip Lab? The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to come with a couple of shades in mind. You might not know how they will turn out exactly, but its good to know whether you want something natural vs. bright vs. dark, and what colour family you are thinking of (red, nude, blue, pink, etc.). The service is quite expensive, so having your dream shade in mind will ensure that you are happy with the final product. I absolutely loved the experience and would love to go again!


Would you love to make your own lipstick? 
What would you name it?
Comment and let me know what your custom dream shade would be! 

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