Youth to the People Superfood Face Wash Review

I wanted to share a quick review on a cleanser that I have been loving! This cleanser from Youth to the People is made with cold pressed kale, green tea, and spinach extracts to deliver a rich dose of antioxidants, including vitamins C, E, and K, while you cleanse. It is formulated to balance your skin’s pH, while it gently, yet effectively removes build-up and makeup.

Youth to the People superfood Face was
Youth to the People Superfood Face Wash

I purchased the Youth to the People Superfood Face Wash during the Sephora Holiday Sale and have been using it almost daily since then. It has a wonderful herbaceous scent, like a green juice for your face. I find it uplifting and energizing in the morning, and calming at night. It doesn’t strip your skin, and I never have that tight feeling after using this cleanser. It lathers up into big bubbles (rather than a dense foam) when I use it with my Foreo Luna cleansing device, and it rinses off very easily! Because its not a thick lather, I find the bubbles can be very runny and drip onto your lips. Careful not to get it in your mouth – even though it smells amazing, it still tastes like soap! I do not need to double cleanse with this face wash, although I do find it best to take off eye makeup with micellar water or makeup remover prior to washing.

I also love the glass packaging that it comes in and the included pump. It makes it easy to dispense when your hands are wet, and the packaging can be recycled or reused. I also love that the packaging is simple, elegant looking, and genderless. You can get your husband to wash with this one! I did have some issues with my pump leaking, but YTTP answered immediately when I reached out to them on instagram, and gave me suggestions to relieve the pressure in the bottle. Since then, there hasn’t been any issues. I really appreciated their quick and helpful response!

An 8 oz. bottle retails for $45 CAD. I have been using this cleanser for almost 3 months and it is still more than half full (even with the experienced leakage). So this one will last you a long time! The Youth to the People Kale, Green Tea, and Spinach Superfood Cleanser is made in the USA with recycable packaging. It is also sulfate-free, paraben-free, pthalate-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

🌿 Have you tried the Superfood Cleanser? 🌿


16 thoughts on “Youth to the People Superfood Face Wash Review

  1. I’ve actually never tried anything from Youth to the People, but this cleanser sounds amazing.

    I’m super curious to see if I could use this without double cleansing, too. (I have sensitive skin, so I typically always double cleanse no matter what I use).

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    1. You could give it a try! I don’t have the patience to cleanse twice lol and don’t love how the oil cleansers feel filmy after! I find it does a good job on its own! YTTP is a really nice brand and their new Dream Sleeping Mask is incredible!! My face has never been softer!


    1. They said that pressure can build up, especially if you store it in the shower where the temperature is constantly fluctuating. They suggested to depress the pump all the way and turn it into the “locked” position. Then take it out of the bottle for a couple hours to let the pressure equalize. Then it should be ok!! I’ve also found that using a full pump (pressing down to the bottom) helps. It dispenses a lot of product, so I used to only use a half pump, but it leaks less when you do a full press I think! I hope that helps you fix it!


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