Almay Spring 2019 Collection with Swatches

Almay was kind enough to send over some of their new products for spring to review! The spring collection is all about colour, with bright shades of teal and pink, and showcases unique textures and finishes. I received two Shadow Squad palettes (Thrill Seeker and Unicorn), two Smokey Eye Trios (Smouldering Embers and Coppery Blaze), two Velvet Foil Creme Shadows (Infinite Sky and Golden Vibes), two Make The Jelly Hi-Lites (Unicorn Light and 24K Dreams), and two Goddess Glosses (Gilded and Dreamy).

Almay Spring 2019 Swatches Collection

Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite

These highlighters are a fun product with a unique texture. They feel very bouncy to the touch! The highlighters feature holographic glitter in a gel-like base. Once applied, the gel sets to keep the glitter in place. While perhaps not for everyday wear, I think these would be really fun in the summer for festival-goers wanting to add some sparkle to their look. These would look nice as a holographic sheen on the collarbones as well! Unicorn Dreams features pink glitter with violet reflects and 24K Dreams is a multi-dimensional gold. Swatches below.

Almay Goddess Gloss

The Goddess Gloss lipglosses also feature holographic sparkles. The shades that they sent coordinate nicely with the two shades of Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite. Gilded is a pale yellow with gold shimmer and Dreamy is a vibrant fuschia with blue-violet shimmer. They feel very comfortable and hydrating on the lips and there is no grittiness from the glitter!

Almay make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in 24K Dreams and Unicorn Light, Goddess Gloss in Gilded and Dreamy swatches review midnight wink
Top to Bottom: Almay Goddess Gloss in Gilded and Dreamy,
Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in 24K Dreams and Unicorn Light.

Almay Velvet Foil Creme Shadow

The Velvet Foil Creme Shadows are a metallic eyeshadow formula that boast crease-proof, smudge-proof, all day wear. I received the shades Infinite Sky and Golden Vibes. Infinite Sky is a sky blue with silver shimmer and Golden Vibes is a sandy gold. The formula is creamy and smooth and is easy to blend out using your fingers. Golden Vibes applied evenly with opaque coverage, where Infinite Sky had a tendency to be more patchy. Golden Vibes is the definite winner and was my favourite of the whole collection! It looks beautiful!

Almay Velvet Foil Creme Shadow Infinite Sky Golden Vibes swatch review
Top to Bottom: Almay Velvet Foil Creme Shadow in Infinite Sky
and Golden Vibes.

Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadow

The Shadow Squad Eyeshadows are monochromatic palettes that feature a single shade in 4 different finishes. Unicorn is a frosty white palette, while Thrill Seeker is a teal palette. When I saw that the white palette was named Unicorn, I was hoping for an unexpected duo-chrome shift, and was disappointed that it was just a snowy white shade. Personally, I did not find that there was enough of a contrast between the four finishes to get use out of them all in a single look. The only ones I could see myself using would be the bottom left shade of both palettes. This was a metallic finish that had the best colour payoff in both of the palettes.

Almay Shadow Squad Swatches and review in the shades 160 Thrill Seeker and 100 Unicorn
Top to Bottom: Almay Shadow Squad Unicorn palette matte, glitter, satin, metallic. Thrill Seeker palette in matte, glitter, satin, and metallic.

Almay Smoky Eye Trio

The Smoky Eye Trios provide three eyeshadow shades to compete a smoky look, including a brow bone or highlight shade, a crease shade and a lid shade. I received Smoldering Embers and Coppery Blaze. Smoldering Embers includes a golden champagne, a shimmery aubergine, and a warm chocolate brown. Coppery Blaze includes a pale gold, a deep cool brown, and a shimmery olive-toned gold. Smoldering Embers performed better out of the two, but both were lacking pigment and needed to be built up quite a bit.

Almay Smoky Eye Trio in Coppery Blaze and Smoldering Embers review and swatches
Top to Bottom: Almay Smoky Eye Trio in Coppery Blaze and
Smoldering Embers

My favourites of the collection are the Velvet Foil Creme Shadow in Golden Vibes and the Goddess Gloss in Dreamy. Although not something I’d get a lot of wear out of, I think the Make Them Jelly Hi-Lites add a really fun touch for summer!

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples


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