How to get the most out of Drunk Elephant skincare products

I will start by saying that I absolutely love the Drunk Elephant products that I have been using. My favourite Drunk Elephant products are C-Firma Day serum, Shaba Eye Serum, TLC Sukari Babyfacial, and Umbra Tinte physical daily defense. I bought most of my DE products during the Holiday VIB sale in November, so many have been recently running out one by one. Purchasing a clean, high quality skincare routine can be quite the investment, so it’s best to get the most out of it when you can!

C firma serum, TLC Framboos glycolic, Beste cleanser, B Hydra, marula oil, Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer, Shaba Eye Cream

The products are packaged in Instagram-worthy white plastic containers with various coloured lids depending on the product. This packaging is genius for many reasons:

  1. It looks amazing on your vanity
  2. The serums and lotions are housed in airless pump mechanisms to reduce the oxidation of your products
  3. The packaging is completely opaque, so light-reactive ingredients will not spoil as they would when housed in something transparent
  4. The pump twists in and out of the product (no more losing those little caps!)
  5. Did I say it looks amazing?

Anyway… while this packaging offers multiple benefits to the products by keeping them fresh and stable, it’s hard to know when you’ve actually finished a bottle. Besides going to apply your skincare routine and getting a “Surprise! I’m empty now” null-pump of product, it’s hard to tell when you’re out! I don’t mind this aspect all too much, because I live close to a Sephora and getting a replacement is rather easy for me. This can be a bother though to those that do not live close by, and may have to wait *gasp* days to replace their favourite serum!

Well, here’s where I can offer some help!

I’ve noticed that when the products stop pumping, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bone-dry and completely empty. Theres usually at least a few more uses left in the container that can hold you over until you have time to go to the store or until your online order arrives in the mail!

Here’s how to get the most out of your Drunk Elephant skincare products: 

1. Gently pull off the lid by wiggling it side to side.
Make sure you are grabing near the base of the
lid and not the part that twists.
2. You will see a clear component come out
that is attached to the lid.
This is where the gold is!
3. Unscrew the clear part from the lid
as you would with a regular container.


4. Now you have your extra product!
You can scoop out the remaining
with a clean spatula!
And that’s all there is to it! I’ve seen a bunch of people posting about how they don’t know how to get the last few drops out of their DE products, so I thought I’d write this post to help you out. There are some important things to consider though:
  • The products are packaged like this for a reason. Opening them up will speed up the expiry process and oxidation of some of the sensitive ingredients. Only do this to get the very last drops of your products!
  • Try not to stick your fingers or non-sanitary objects into the containers as it can transfer bacteria.
  • Products that are more liquidy, such as C-Firma will pour out very nicely nicely!
  • The thicker cream-based products will require the use of a clean cosmetic spatula or q-tip to get the excess out.
  • If you plan on getting more than one extra use out of the product, make sure to screw the coloured lid back onto the clear component to keep air out!
  • I have found you can get at least 3 extra uses out of the products. I wouldn’t keep them too long after opening them in this way for risk of bacteria growth and product oxidation.


I hope this post was helpful to you! 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below.



15 thoughts on “How to get the most out of Drunk Elephant skincare products

    1. I started with the Littles too and fell in love with everything! I’m in Canada, so when I bought it last year there was no Umbra in it (because it wasn’t approved for sale yet), but I might repurchase the new set of littles because its so nice to have a travel size set of everything!

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        1. I actually bought a small food storage container (tupperware) from the dollar store that fit them nicely! Like an on-the-go soap dish! But when I purchased, Sephora had a code for a deluxe size Beste cleanser, so I mostly travelled with that rather than the soaps.

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  1. Help I cannot open it, tried to wiggle the cap and pull it out but it doesn’t work, does anyone have the solution to this?


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