Event Recap: The Superstitions of Dior

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Toronto’s very own beauty guru Dave Lackie. He is a beauty editor and appears on Cityline to showcase the hottest beauty products. He also recently created a digital magazine called Beauty Departure – be sure to give it a read!

On December 8th, 2018 Dave hosted an event at the Dior beauty counter in the Hudson’s Bay at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. This was perfect because we learned that 8 was Christian Dior’s lucky number! Dior was a very superstitious man and deeply believed in numerology, luck, and fortune. It was these themes that we discussed at the event. 

Dior Midnight Wish Collection

It was the perfect way to celebrate the 2018 Dior Holiday Collection called Midnight Wish. The whole collection is based around the idea of Christian Dior’s lucky star. A symbol that was pivotal in him deciding to create his brand. The collection celebrates his lucky charms, and is simply STUNNING! They really knocked it out of the park! Many pieces are sold out across North America. 

Superstitions of Dior

Nathalie Atkinson, fashion historian and Globe & Mail journalist , gave a presentation on the Superstitions of Dior along with Dave. Very detail oriented, Dior was a believer in signs and superstitions. For example, he would be sure to carry a four-leaf clover in his pocket where ever he went! Not only that, he would sew a dried Lily of the Valley into the hem of all of his couture garments. This was an action to bring happiness to the women wearing his gowns. On the number 8, his fashion house was founded on October 8th, on the 8th Arrondissement of  Paris, in a building with 8 floors. The iconic J’Adore fragrance bottle? Does the shape remind you of any numbers? 

In addition to symbols and numbers, Dior also believed in fortunes. He frequently consulted with fortune teller Madame Delahaye who in fact convinced him, no, ordered him, to create the House of Christian Dior. Nathalie told us that Dior would not make any decisions regarding the fashion house without her counsel. To honour this tradition, Dave had Dawn Eglitis, psychic and card reader, join us at the event to provide readings for the guests. 

The event was great because we got to mix and mingle and catch up with other beauty lovers from Toronto. Dave’s Twitter family, if you will! It was wonderful to put faces to the names of people I had met online through Instagram and Twitter, and to chat with those that I had met at previous Dave Lackie events, like the Bvlgari Elegance Dinner. Such a perfect way to kick off the holidays and connect with bloggers from the city! It was wonderful seeing Eseeri, she is a gorgeous and motivational fitness, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Be sure to check her out here

dior gift mascara diorshow j'adore miss dior

Event goers went home with a lovely gift from Dior which included a sample of the iconic Diorshow mascara and Miss Dior perfume. Dave also gave us each a $10 gift card to Hudson’s Bay to spoil ourselves with a Dior treat of our choosing! I was lucky enough to pick up one of this years most coveted gifts, the Lipstick Coffret. That will be one of my Christmas gifts however, so I will post it on the blog in the new year! With my purchase, I also received a sample of the new Pump’N’Volume mascara, iLife makeup remover and classic J’Adore fragrance.

Thanks again Dave for hosting such a wonderful event. So lovely to see you and the Twitter family again. It was a great way to close out 2018. Looking forward to big things in 2019!! 


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