Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Function of Beauty is a haircare brand that makes personalized blends based on your hair needs. You can take a quiz to determine your goals and it makes a custom formula for you! Function was kind enough to send me their shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment to try. I was able to customize the formulas to my hair type and hair goals, as well as choose the scent and colour of my blends! Aren’t they adorable?!

Function of beauty shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment in black, grey, and white
Function of Beauty custom shampoo and conditioner blends

These are suited to my fine, wavy hair and have the specific goals to help volumize, lengthen, and strengthen my hair, as well as provide colour protection and heat protection. No more choosing between targeted products!

I am also OBSESSED with the colour. I love black and grey, it’s basically the palette of my entire wardrobe, so I think these are so aesthetically pleasing. I chose the scent Nude (P)each which is a really bright, fresh fragrance with notes of peach and citrus! You are able to choose the strength of the fragrance as well, so I went with medium. Next time I think I’d pick strong, because these smell amazing!!

I found that the products definitely helped to define my natural waves. I used these all summer and would air dry my hair. It really let me natural texture shine through and amplify the volume. I found using this system my hair felt soft and looked healthy and shiny. While the bottles look small, they lasted quite a while. I got a solid 4 months of use out of these. My typical routine would be 2 pumps of shampoo for first wash, 1 pump of shampoo second wash, and 2-3 pumps of conditioner. Because it is a sulfate-free shampoo, it won’t give a lot of lather, but since I’m used to using sulfate-free and colour protecting shampoos, I expected that.

New and Empty function of beauty hair products

I like that the leave-in is such a multi-purpose product. I use it as a leave-in detangling product and styler on wet hair, but also use it as a finishing product on dry hair. It is great to smooth it into the ends of my hair between washes to reinvigorate and amplify the wavy texture.

The only negative thing about these was that I found my hair would get greasier looking faster. I can usually go 2-3 days between washes, but with this I had to wash every other day without exception. Next time, I will select the formulation for oily scalp and see if that helps at all!

Overall, I love how personalized these are! The quiz was so fun to fill out and all of the colours and scents were so pretty that it was hard to choose! If you’d like to try your own custom blends, you can save $10 by shopping through my affiliate link here!


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