Nudestix Sun and Sea Palette Review

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The Sun and Sea palette is Nudestix’s curated collection for Spring and Summer 2020. It includes 6 of their iconic makeup pencils, with 4 eye shades and 2 lip shades, as well as a Nudies all over colour stick. The inspiration for the kit is the vibrant orange shades of a sunset and the shimmering blue hues of the sea. I also love that the proceeds are donated to the WWF Oceans fund. I purchased this right away when it was released on March 17th.

Swatches of the NudeStix Sun and Sea kit
Nudestix Sun and Sea Palette Swatches
Top to Bottom: Beach Babe, Babe, Crush, Sunrise Star, Cote D’Azur, Desert Sun, La Isla

The kit includes the following shades (swatched top to bottom in above photo):

Beach Babe: Nudies Matte Bronze All-Over Face Colour is a coco bronze with strong rosy undertones. It gives a pretty flushed, sunkissed look. This is my favourite blush formula ever! I have 7 of them! I can’t rave enough about these.

Babe Gel Lip + Cheek Balm is a glossy muted coral. It has just enough punch to brighten the face. It is perfect for a daytime summer look!

Crave Gel Lip + Cheek Balm is a glossy burgundy brown that co-ordinates beautifully with Beach Babe. This is my kind of shade! I will definitely get a lot of wear out of this one!

Sunrise Star Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour is a gorgeous shimmering peach. It has little champagne flecks in it that looks like shimmering sand on a sunny beach!

Côte D’Azur Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour is the most gorgeous sparkling sapphire shade! I am not a blue shadow kind of gal at all, yet this one went straight to my heart! It has the right amount of depth and violet undertones to make it super modern and flattering.

Desert Sun Magnetic Matte Eye Colour is a sandy shade with yellow undertones that is great as a brightening base and lining the waterline. It doesn’t look as exciting as the others when swatched, but it really brings the whole look together.

La Isla Magnetic Matte Eye Colour is a bright coral orange – it’s so stunning! In the fall, I am all about terracotta everything. This shade is like the bright, summer version of terracotta and I am into it!

Makeup look with coral eyeshadow and blue liner with a mauve lipstick from nudestix
Makeup look using the Nudestix Sun and Sea palette

I just could not wait to play with this kit after I got it in the mail! You can see the look I created in the photo above and in the video below. I love how creamy the eye shades are and how easily they glide on. The lipsticks are also ultra flattering and feel great on. One of the reasons I love the Nudestix pencils are because they DON’T BUDGE. Once they set, they will last all day. I love how the look turned out as well! If you’re curious about how I created this look, I’ve posted a tutorial below!

The products in this kit are vegan and cruelty-free, and made without gluten, fragrance, parabens, pthalates, and sulfates. Shop the Sun and Sea kit here!

Thanks for watching! Let me know what you thought of the look!


4 thoughts on “Nudestix Sun and Sea Palette Review

  1. what a great review!! i reallylove the look of this collection but ive read that teh blue colour can cause some stinging on the eyes, did you experience this? :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I personally haven’t experienced this at all but I would imagine it’s perhaps because of the glitter? If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts then it might be irritating.


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