The Science of Beauty: Beauty Podcast Episode 28

Last week I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Cat Forsley. She is a Toronto beauty blogger at and so so much more. A woman of many talents, Cat is a singer, voice artist, poet, author, and a fashion & beauty blogger. Her Beauty Podcast series features conversations with beauty and lifestyle bloggers discussing their passions – from beauty to fashion to life, anything goes!

My Lip Addiction

I was thrilled to be her guest this week for episode 28. Recording a podcast is something I had never done before. I was so excited to record this episode with Cat because we are so like-minded! She has such an amazing energy, and we always have great conversations!

Cat Forsley

The theme of the episode is the Science of Beauty.  This is really fitting because it is exactly where both of our passions lie, at the intersection of art and science.

In the episode, we chat about my experience as a grad student, my research focuses in ergonomics, how I use my scientific approach in my blogging and beauty reviews, and some beauty and skincare products that we’ve been loving, including products from Drunk Elephant, Bite Beauty, and Pixi!

The podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play, as well as Buzzsprout and Stitcher.

Go give it a listen! We had a blast recording it, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Make sure to Check out Cat Forsley’s blog, podcasts and social media, and don’t forget to give her a follow. You can find Cat here:

Instagram: @CatForsley

Twitter: @CatForsley

Pinterest: CatForsley


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