Sephora Spring Sale Wish List 2019

Sephora Spring Sale wishlist 2019 tatcha milk makeup nudestix becca cosmetics first aid beauty

It’s time for Sephora’s Spring Sale! Sephora usually hosts a sale in April and November, although there was also one in August in 2018. It will be the only time they offer a store-wide discount until the fall, so if you’ve had your eye on anything, nows the time to stock up! I’ll be sharing what I currently have in my Sephora shopping cart, and what I am interested in purchasing during the sale. But first, the details:

  • VIB Rouge: 20% off  using code HEYROUGE from April 26th to May 6th
  • VIB: 15% off using code HEYVIB from May 2nd to May 6th
  • BI: 10% off using code HEYINSIDER from May 2nd to May 6th

It’s exciting that Rouge members will get 20% this spring, as the discount has been 15% for both Rouge and VIB in past years’ Spring sales.

Now, let’s get into it! Here’s what I’m interested in:

NudeStix Nude Beach Festival Kit

This set has really caught my eye! The NudeStix Nude Beach Festival Kit comes with 4 Nudestix eye pencils, 2 lip & cheek pencils and a Nudies matte bronzer. I purchased two Nudies during the Holiday Sale, a blush in the shade Naughty n’ Spice and a highlighter in the shade Illuminaughty. I have been loving these two and the inclusion of the Nudies bronzer in the shade Sunkissed is what really drew me to the set. The eye shades are warm, bronzy, and glowy, which are all words that describe my ideal eye look. To top it off, the set comes in a really cute jelly makeup bag! The bronzer alone is regularly $35 CAD, and the pencils are regularly $29 CAD each when sold individually. The set is already a great value at $79 CAD, but with the Rouge discount, the price comes down to $63.20, making each product under $10.

Nudestix nude beach festival kit sephora sale wish list 2019 spring

Milk Makeup Kush Fibre Brow Gel

I love a good brow gel! Its a quick and easy way to look pulled together, even when you don’t have the time! My friend swears by the Milk Makeup Kush Fibre Brow Gel so I want to give it a try! I have very dark, almost black, brow hairs and sometimes find it difficult to find a good match. Most “brunette” shades are too warm and look reddish against my skin and brow hairs. I have been using Glossier Boy Brow lately in the shade black, but it is very ashy and has no warmth at all. I need something in between! Milk is releasing 5 new shades of this gel this week, including hard to find shades like auburn and both a warm and cool blackened brown. I think the shade Cypher, a warm black/brown, will be great for me! The brow gel retails $22 CAD regularly, making it $17.60 with the Rouge discount.

Milk Fibre Brow Cyphre, Grind, review sephora spring sale

Ouai The Easy Ouai Kit

The Easy Ouai Kit from haircare line OUAI is the perfect assortment of products for summer to get undone beachy waves. It comes with a mini sized Air Dry Foam (45 ml), Rose Hair & Body Oil (45 ml), and the Wave Spray (50 ml). I have only used the Air Dry Foam before, but I absolutely love it, and even listed it as one of my favourite products of 2018. I would be happy to have a small size of it for travelling! The other two are products of theirs that I have been dying to try, so this is really a perfect set! And it comes in a such a cute clear bag, a trend we are going to be seeing a lot of this summer! The set retails for $31 CAD, or $24.80 with the Rouge discount, and the total value of the products in the kit is $50.

The easy way kit from OUAI Hair care

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

My under eyes are an area I’ve always struggled with. They always appear dark and shadowy. Its mostly due to my bone structure and large eyeballs, but lately the #thesislife has been making these eye bags designer. I am always looking for ways to brighten my under eye area to give the illusion of a smooth finish, so when I heard Youtuber Samantha Ravnhdal mention the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector in her Recent Faves video, she totally convinced me that I need it. It is a colour correcting, brightening primer for the under eye area that is meant to be worn under concealer. She mentioned it helps to brighten darkness, help the longevity of the concealer, and prevent it from creasing. SOLD! It is quite pricey at $39 CAD, so now is a good time to try it out for $31.20!

Sephora Sale wish list spring 2019 becca under eye color correcting primer

A New Concealer

I’d also love a new concealer to help the under eye issues above! I have a few in my cart, so will list them for you, and I’d love for you to let me know your recommendations in the comments! I prefer concealers that are hydrating and have a satin or radiant finish. I often wear concealer with no foundation so it has to be able to seamlessly blend into the skin. I’m currently interested in:

  • First Aid Beauty Bendy Avocado Concealer: I have been using this one since August and really love it, I’m not sure if I want to repurchase something I know works or try something new. My only hesitation with this one is the limited shade range – I find the undertone can look off in certain lighting.
    • $28 CAD, $22.40 with discount
  • Milk Makeup Flex Concealer: This one was recommended by my friend Maddy, who swears by it! It looks like it has all the elements I’m looking for, so I may give it a try!
    • $34 CAD, $27.20 with discount
  • Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment: The pearl is more of a skincare-makeup hybrid. It is an undereye cream that also has a bit of colour to correct and brighten the undereye area. This wouldn’t necessairly replace eye cream or concealer for me, but would add a bit of coverage on days when I don’t want to apply a full face of makeup (which is most days).
    • $60 CAD, $48 with discount
Milk Makeup Flex Concealer First Aid Beauty FAB Avocado Bendy Concealer Tatcha the pearl Sephora Spring Sale Wish List 2019

…But wait, Jess! You’re obsessed with skincare! How are there no skincare products on your Wish List?!

I have majorly focused on skincare over the past few months and have found that I have a bunch of opened products on the go right now! I will still continue to review skincare, but decided to hold off on purchasing for now, and use up what I’ve got! So thats everything I’m deciding between for the sale! What do you guys plan on picking up? Any recommendations for me?

Whats on your Sephora Spring Sale Wish List?

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  1. Becca undereye concealer has been on my wish list for some time now. As well as the Milk concealer ! I Just have to use up what I have now before purchasing. That’s a new rule of mine 🙂

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