Glossier Vinylic Lip NEW SHADES: Genius and Driver

Packaging of Glossier Vinylic Lipstick in the classic pink pouch

Last year Glossier launched a more colourful cousin to it’s no-makeup makeup line called Glossier Play. One of the products in this collection is the Vinylic Lip which is a creme gloss formula that can apply sheer or be built up for a more opaque and vibrant look. The brand describes it as liner, lipstick, and lipgloss in one! It originally launched in 6 shades, however they have added 2 new shades today: Genius, a peachy blush and Driver a brick red.

swatch glossier driver genius vinylic lip review
Swatches of Glossier Vinylic Lip in driver and genius

The formula is glossy and nourishing. It feels comfortable on the lips and manages to stay put beyond my expectations of a product like this. It has a fun click-to-release applicator that pushes product up through the doe-foot shaped head for comfort and precision. While it claims a high-shine gloss, it has more of a creme luster finish than a true gloss. That being said, I love how it looks and prefer it to Glossier’s other lipstick offering, Generation G. See video below for swatches and a demonstration of the new shades Genius and Driver.

Glossier Play Vinylic Lip (L to R): Disco, Genius, Casino, Blow-Up, Pony, Baby, Bank, Driver.

Vinylic Lip is available in the following shades:
Genius – a blush peach *new*
Driver – a brick red *new*
Pony – a dark taupe
Baby – a siren red
Blow-Up – a candy pink
Casino – a brilliant orange
Disco – a terracotta
Bank – a rich plum

Glossier Vinylic Lip swatches and try-on in Genius and Driver

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